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Associated Ministries

These are various platforms for Kingdom empowerment and one for ministerial networking.

Global Advanced Mentorship Program

It empowers those who enrol through an intense process called Stretch > Snap > Soar within 12-18 months of intense course work followed by writing of a project paper. Entirely free of charge, The Master Class in Authentic Kingdom Culture uses an advanced variation of the Teach, Train, Equip, Activate and Release paradigm to enable participants to encounter Yeshua, Jesus in the Word that is rightly divided as inspired by Holy Spirit.

Rather than earn an academic degree, participants are transformed in their heart, renewed in the mind, and enabled to become overcomers who submit to Sovereign rule of Yeshua, Jesus as King. In effect, they are trained to embrace His mandate to disciple the nations and ensure the Church manifests Kingdom Culture rather than engage in Religious debates and strife. It is entirely online, using a classroom on Facebook. The training is offered free of charge.

Between 2013 and 2020, the program has raised scores of Alumni who are now serving as Mentors, Principal Officers, Editors and Researchers supporting the Vision holders Apostle George and Pastor Grace Akalonu

Global Missions Board

Global Missions Board focuses on mobilizing saints to look at the world as a holistic Mission field to be evangelized and discipled as stated in Matthew 28:18-20, Mark 16:15-20 and Acts 1:8. As a Kingdom Agency, it mobilises both individual saints, congregations, and ministries to take their appointed places in the 4 broad dimensions of the Great Commission:
The Global Mission Board engages in ethical fund raising to support Orphanages, Orphans, Widowhood Organisations, individual widows and Frontline missionaries in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Cameroon, DRC Kinshasa, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Etswani, India, Pakistan, Cambodia, and Hong Kong.

International Ministers Fellowship

International Ministers Fellowship is a global network of Ministers of the gospel irrespective of race, gender, or age. They relate as a part of a living, loving, organism in their local and national jurisdictions as well as on the global level. Membership of the Fellowship is free. Members sustain the vision through free will offerings.

It is recommended that all graduates of the Global School of Ministry, the Global Advanced Mentorship Programme and those who use all the services on this site become members of the Fellowship as the global network where we can continue to sustain relationships with others of similar persuasions.





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Please do not hesitate to reach us If you are led to participate or desire to support Missions and need to be connected with faithful brethren on the ground.

Frontline Intercessors

Global Prayer & Spiritual Cabinet

To undergird the movement in prayer, there are several praying groups. Frontline Intercessors for Reformation, Restoration and Revival provides direct support for Apostle George and Pastor Grace. The 24/7 Global Prayer Centre; Global Prayer Taskforce to Degrade and Eliminate COVID-19 all work with the Global Prayer and Spiritual Cabinet to catalyse emergence of praying saints worldwide. If you would like to sign up for an hour of prayer each day to cover a time which suits your schedule, please write to