The Global School of Ministry is an Institute of Kingdom Culture.

Our Kingdom educational system sets you up for any of these 3 types of calling:

Marketplace Ministry

Serving in ministry in your profession or business, where your career is your stage/pulpit.

Full-time Ministry

Serving in ministry in the assembly of saints, giving yourself wholly to Elohim.

Hybrid Ministry

Serving in ministry in the assembly of saints as well as in your profession or business.

Modes of Study

This is a long-distance education system prepared and designed specifically for you. You will learn from seasoned world class instructors.

There are two modes of study, both offering you a classroom experience:


Live Classes on Zoom

You get to choose any day of the week that is most convenient for you to attend the live class on Zoom, once every week. (Only one special class conducted by the Visionaries requires you to study for 8 hours a week on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday).


Self-paced Study

You can learn at your own pace by:


Registration Forms

24/7 Global Prayer Team

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Now Generation Master Class

A special intensive training experience to prepare young saints aged 18-39 for leadership in the kingdom and society.

General Master Class

We help local nonprofits access the funding, training, and support they need

>15 YRS


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What People Say About Our Programme

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“ The Master Class was more than what I needed. It was cathartic in explosive ways, uprooting and exposing various blemishes from religion. After many years of sitting under such apostles that taught me that Holy Ghost was governor of the Earth, I was scripturally redirected to pinpoint understanding. “

Apostle Sharon Thomas


“ My experience with the Master Class was enlightening. It was an opportunity to understand the contrast between the modern day Church and the Body of Yeshua Jesus, the authentic unified Church in the Earth, and functioning in the power and presence of the Holy Spirit in accordance with the will of the Father. “

Taria Dean


“ The 9 month course of Master Class was fulfilling and full of hidden treasures . Committing myself made me responsible in my own private study. Overall the class impacted my life in many ways. “

Michelle Wilson

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